To enslave torture and steal we'd call it barbaric fucking insane. Yet reality is it happens every fucking day. We talk about morality an advanced society but can't treat animals with such we are inept.

Stand against these oppressions. Take charge show support. Do not consume what is not yours.

When ignoring truths becomes tradition and questioning normality becomes taboo. Step back and reevaluate what you contribute to their suffering. (when you) take the lesser of evils and still can't sleep. Make the steps. Connect the dots. Death is not the worse of fates.

Use and abuse torture and rape to fulfill the needs of a dinner plate.


from Captive Bolt / Gary Francione Spilt, released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Captive Bolt Jacksonville, Florida

Being vegan means more than what you don't eat . It goes beyond the cook books you purchase, actions speak loud and the truth is shocking. Help pull back the blinders on the person next to you. Create change or force it by any means. Go vegan.

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